Rental equipment for events

Are you also preparing for an event? Planning a birthday in the garden, asking to organize a Shabbat groom, produce a business conference, invite the group to sing, organize a henna, or organize a short warning event such as seven? Contact Dror for equipment rental and find out that the task is much simpler than you can imagine. Therefore, if you want to host without bothering, ask to arrange all the arrangements by one phone call, ask for a good price and reliability without compromise - Dror has come to the right place!

Dror Rental Equipment can provide solutions for a wide variety of events, such as renting massive products such as chairs, tables, refrigerators, heating mushrooms, tents, shanti corners and mats, along with products that close design decisions - products such as pillows, napkins, , Dinnerware and the like. To date, Dror has rented equipment for events, working alongside factories, banks, schools, catering companies and a range of private customers, who are also seeking the best equipment, alongside the most reliable and dedicated service.

Equipment for any time and place
 A wide range of hosting solutions to suit every season and everywhere. If your event occurs in the winter and yet you wish to celebrate in nature, we will provide you with a hospitality tent and suitable heating equipment. On the other hand, if the event is held in the summer at noon, we will provide you with shading solutions, fans and cheap corners. We have a wide range of equipment, which makes it perfect for the time and place of the event. Also, in unfortunate cases of death of a beloved family member you can not plan ahead, we will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently

Why choose us?
Dror's equipment rental team is professional, courteous and skilled, with extensive experience in renting equipment for various events. We will accompany you and advise you on choosing the perfect items for you, from plates and cutlery to shading and lighting, so that your event will become a celebration of color, comfort and magical atmosphere. The important thing - to celebrate and to be happy For more details and to schedule a meeting, call 050-7508804 and we will be happy to provide you with a service.
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